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We took a trip to Reno, NV recently and as I sipped on soda and ate airport sandwiches I began thinking of what I wanted to do when I arrived. I don’t smoke or gamble so the usual tourist attractions go out the window right there! I decided to take a trip to Lake Tahoe and spend the day stopping at the vista points and the usual sight seeing. Reno was amazingly beautiful and they have a Whole Foods that make all others look like street hot dog stands! Those of you who have a local Whole Foods have no idea how lucky you are! We decided to stop for lunch there nearly every day of our stay.

We booked a room in the Peppermill Casino… which was an adventure of sorts! Their brochure said that they had a full spa and night club only when we arrived it was under construction (hence, there was none.. YET!) and the room they put us in was supposed to have double queen beds — they lied about that too! We got a room with 2 full sized beds over looking the construction — FUN STUFF! Complaining to the front desk got us a room switch to the beautiful new tower section — but, as I said, all there was to do was eat and gamble. We ate until we thought we couldn’t eat anymore! and we lost about $10 each gambling.

The whole trip wasn’t a downer though! We had a blast at the Balloon Races and that alone made the trips worth while!