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I don’t shoot very many weddings but I just couldn’t turn down this adorable couple! They got married on Halloween! They took the bridal party children trick-or-treating and even had Halloween themed wedding cakes. Happy Holidays everyone!

My mother & father in-law came from Russia to spend the month of October with us. It was my first time meeting them! I am proud to say that they are wonderful people and I miss them very much! I hope that we get to spend more time together very soon. We took them to Washington for a vacation.. I was really impressed with the museums we got to see.. but they were more impressed with walking around the city. I wish we had stayed longer so we could have gotten to see more of the historical sites but we have decided to take another trip some day. We spent some time at the veteran memorials and I was fascinated by the wall with the soliders names on it and the ghostly figures. It really hit home just how many loved ones are lost during battles.