Times are tough and no one knows that more than I do. I have several family members who were greatly impacted by the automotive industry crash and many are out of work as a result… and I know that many of you across the country are also feeling the effects of this.. so I am here to give the beautiful people of Michigan a little relief! I am dedicated to making 2010 something we can all smile about.. something we can look back and remember with fondness.. so with that I am slashing my session fees from $150 down to $75 per hour.

Yes, in half. You read that right! As a result, I am also keeping print prices down. There are no packages you have to buy to get this deal.. you still decide what and how many prints and products that you purchase.. the only difference is the price of the session fee. This applies from everything to portraits to boudoir sessions. Everything. You still get all of your proofs hosted on a password protected website, you still get the same amount of service.. hopefully, at a more affordable price for those of you looking for a little relief!

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