I had a session with this adorable family for their Christmas portraits this weekend. Mom & Dad have been married for 6 years and have 3 beautiful little boys. They have never had an oppertunity to have engagement portraits done so I took the time to give them a couple. They are a very sweet couple, and they have the best behaved little boys! I hope to see them again soon. 🙂

I don’t shoot very many weddings but I just couldn’t turn down this adorable couple! They got married on Halloween! They took the bridal party children trick-or-treating and even had Halloween themed wedding cakes. Happy Holidays everyone!

My mother & father in-law came from Russia to spend the month of October with us. It was my first time meeting them! I am proud to say that they are wonderful people and I miss them very much! I hope that we get to spend more time together very soon. We took them to Washington for a vacation.. I was really impressed with the museums we got to see.. but they were more impressed with walking around the city. I wish we had stayed longer so we could have gotten to see more of the historical sites but we have decided to take another trip some day. We spent some time at the veteran memorials and I was fascinated by the wall with the soliders names on it and the ghostly figures. It really hit home just how many loved ones are lost during battles.

We took a trip to Reno, NV recently and as I sipped on soda and ate airport sandwiches I began thinking of what I wanted to do when I arrived. I don’t smoke or gamble so the usual tourist attractions go out the window right there! I decided to take a trip to Lake Tahoe and spend the day stopping at the vista points and the usual sight seeing. Reno was amazingly beautiful and they have a Whole Foods that make all others look like street hot dog stands! Those of you who have a local Whole Foods have no idea how lucky you are! We decided to stop for lunch there nearly every day of our stay.

We booked a room in the Peppermill Casino… which was an adventure of sorts! Their brochure said that they had a full spa and night club only when we arrived it was under construction (hence, there was none.. YET!) and the room they put us in was supposed to have double queen beds — they lied about that too! We got a room with 2 full sized beds over looking the construction — FUN STUFF! Complaining to the front desk got us a room switch to the beautiful new tower section — but, as I said, all there was to do was eat and gamble. We ate until we thought we couldn’t eat anymore! and we lost about $10 each gambling.

The whole trip wasn’t a downer though! We had a blast at the Balloon Races and that alone made the trips worth while!

We bought a house and we’re moving in! Things might be a bit slow and crazy here for awhile but I finally have my dream home! We made our offer the last week of June and closed and moved in the last week of July!

It is hard to believe that in late December my husband and I went up to the hospital to see this little girl the day after she was born and now shes 6mos old! She’s a little bit shy but she is a very happy little girl! We had no trouble getting her to smile.

See that smile? She’s so happy because she just peed on my rug!

M & J had their engagement session scheduled at a park location this morning.. but low and behold, thunder clouds moved in and we had to relocate our session to the studio. We’ve rescheduled for another date in July. Don’t forget to check back to see some selections from that upcoming session. I had a wonderful time working with M & J.

Stay tuned for images from their Halloween wedding this year!

B & C welcomed their precious little bundle of joy on May 3rd, 2008. I had the opportunity to take her very first professional portraits when she was 8 days old. I went in hoping to capture some really great profile shots of her but she absolutely hated being naked, so we quickly dressed her and I promised to try it again at her 3month photo session. After all, my goal is to make sure Mom, Dad, and Baby are completely comfortable at all times. 🙂 Though she wasn’t happy being naked, she was as calm and serene as can be the rest of the time.

She’s beautiful B & C. I can’t wait to see her again.

Every so often a photographer stumbles upon a subject who loves the camera and in turn the camera loves them.. this was the case this past weekend. The little girls loved to be photographed but the little boy had his reservations – that is until we gave him some ice cream! Not only did I get to use the baby quilt I made but I also got an opportunity to use the new petticoats. I absolutely adored these children and I hope to get another opportunity to work with them again real soon!

I had a wonderful time working with this adorable couple this past weekend! She is due in just a few short weeks! He couldn’t take his eyes off of her and he really wanted to be involved in the whole process. Such a wonderful feeling to see two people as in love as these two. Congratulations on your up and coming arrival B & C! I can’t wait to do your newborn portraits!